Me: “Hi. I need my suit cleaned and pressed today, please.”

Dry Cleaner Lady: “Sorry, can’t do it for today, hon. You have to get it in by 9 am for same day pickup, and even then you can’t pick it up until after 5.”

Me: “Oh, I didn’t realize.”

DCL: “Yah, sorry. See, it’s on the sign here and everything.” (points at sign)

Me: “Oh.”

DCL: “We really can’t make exceptions.”

Me: “Sure. Of course not.”

DCL: “Thanks for understanding.”

Me: “Of course. Really, I understand. Thank you for your time.”

(two steps toward door, turns back)

Me: “Just by chance, do you know of any other cleaners that could do it today? It’s for my Mom’s funeral tomorrow, so I have to find someone who can do it today.”

(long pause)

DCL: “We’ll have your suit ready for you by 3.”


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