Math Quiz

My Oldest, age 13: “We want to name our musical group The Alto Clef Effect because, like, 80% of our group are violas. Well, not 80… But at least half. Well, no, it’s 3 violas and five other people, so 3/8ths.”

Me: “I am beginning to see why you are struggling in math.”

Oldest: “You can kiss my math.”


Faire Compromise

Danger Moneky, age 7: “I’m can’t decide what costume to wear to the Ren Faire. I want to be Leonardo Davinci… or a ninja.”

Me: “My vote is for Leonardo.”

DM: “But I don’t have a white fluffy beard.”

Me: “You can be Leo, the seven year old version of Leonardo Davinci.”

DM: “OK. I’ll make a name tag so people know who I am.”

And he did.