It Speaks to Me

Just a typical Sunday night at my house.

Little Miss Thing, age 2, holding up a yogurt cup: “Can I eat this yogurt?”

Me: “No, you’ve had enough yogurt tonight.”

LMT: “The yogurt wants me to eat it.”

Me: (long pause) “Uh… sure. You win. Eat the yogurt.”


In her Heart

We’ve been expecting it for a few years, but were still not thrilled to find out yesterday that My Oldest Girl will need some heart surgery this summer.

She was born with a congenital heart issue and had emergency surgery when she was three weeks old. The surgery now to occur this summer was completely anticipated and in fact the doctors were expecting to have to do it two to three years ago but her overall good health has meant that has been able to be delayed thus far.

The surgery this summer is for an issue related to the original heart defect. This time, they’ll be removing a flap of tissue in front of one her heart valves. She’ll be in the hospital for about a week, and taking it easy for about three weeks total, but the doctors said she should even be good to play both spring and fall softball this year, so she’s pumped.

Father is not so pumped and may have started stress eating.