Faster than Speeding Pajamas

My morning…

Wonderful Wife: “It is too cold this morning to be running around the house naked.”

Little Miss Thing, age 3: “But I’m a super hero.”

WW: “Then be a super hero wearing clothes.”

LMT: “But I want to be fast.”

WW: “Super heroes can be fast wearing clothes.”

LMT: “Not me.”

Mutants among us

Asked the kids what they wanted for dinner.

They immediately went to the fridge and got out blueberries, apple, banana and avocado.

Either we’re doing something right or we have mutant children. My bet is on mutant children.

I blame my Wonderful Wife.

Daddy Training

Lunch with the kids at that crazy pizza place.

A cool electric train runs on tracks in the walls to your table and brings you drinks… AWESOME.

Each booth has a coin-operated TV that shows cartoons… AWESOME.

The food… barely edible.Oh, the humanity.

The prices… Did I mention there is a cool train?

Making memories… Priceless.