Me, Hagrid

I dressed up as Hagrid for my friends M&B’s daughter’s birthday party on Saturday. Thanks to the WW’s brilliance with sewing, I was realistic enough to frighten several small children. No sweeter praise than overhearing a mom say, “No, it’s not really Hagrid.”

#HalfGiantProblems #SWAGRID



We took a day trip family vacation to Holiday World. It was hot, lame and incredibly crowded. Yay for family vacations!

MOG (My Oldest Girl) talked non-stop all the way there about the wave pool. She had always wanted to try boogie boards, as I’m sure all eight year-olds do. But reality was not as kind. One of the two wave pools was out of order that day, so the remaining wave pool was ridiculously crowded. Not only did she never make it to the front of the pool to try boogie boards, she kept getting accidentally kicked and leaving the pool in tears every 2-3 minutes. Seriously, that pool was an ugly, shoulder to shoulder mass of soggy, half-dressed rednecks. Not pretty.

And the rest of the day wasn’t much better. I appreciate the folks at Holiday World and all they do, and I’m sure many people love their affordable charm and free sodas. I mean — free soda, right? Sadly, it’s just not for us.

As we drove home, and trying to muster as much forced enthusiasm as we could, we asked MOG what was her favorite part of our trip to Holiday World. Without hesitating, she said… “Leaving.”