Soggy Nuptials

Yes, we’re still getting married despite the rain. If you’re coming, bring good shoes, as it may be soggy.

RING UPDATE: The WW bought me a temporary ring yesterday which can be re-sized by Friday to fit my giant fingers, but cannot be personalized with any text. Which is fine because they didn’t have Old Elven as a script anyway. How can they even show their faces with those kind of limitations? Sheesh.


One Ring

Due to a complete lack of planning on my part, I am just now buying a temporary ring for myself for the ceremony. If personalization is free, I’ll see if this can fit… “One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.” Do you think they’ll have Old Elvish Script as a font?

RING UPDATE: Not only can I not find Old Elvish font… I cannot find a ring big enough for my giant fingers. As in, no where in this entire region sells a pre-sized ring in my size. Who knew? #GiantProblems