Karma Account: Empty

Just cashed in ALL my karma points.

Did you know sometimes an officer’s printer will jam and he can’t issue tickets?

Even if you accidentally let your plates expire?

I actually felt bad for the guy. He was not pleased.

Long story short, I just got really, REALLY lucky and will be visiting the BMV first thing tomorrow.



WWJFO (Who Would Jesus Flip Off)

Lady, I don’t care how many crosses are hanging from your review or how many fish bumper stickers you have… It’s not Christian to cut me off and then flip me the bird when I honk. And my radio was too loud to hear what you yelled, but I’m guessing you weren’t quoting scripture. But I forgive you. I hope you enjoy bingo or shopping or whatever extremely important event you were late for.

Dear Jesus, please save us from your followers. Amen.