Lesson Planning

My Oldest, age 14, tells me she asked her Health teacher to go into more detail on the various genders and orientations because the book is too limited. When he said he wasn’t allowed to cover that material, she petitioned to teach it to the class herself. He said she could have five minutes at the end of class sometime next week.

She is now prepping. “How do I cram all of birth sex, gender identity and orientation into five minutes??? I probably won’t even be able to get to covering consent. This is a nightmare.”

I could not be prouder.


Civics Lesson

Some Dude: “I saw you driving. Can’t believe you drive a Civic.”

Me: “Actually, it’s a full size 4-door Accord sedan.”

Dude: “Looked like a civic.”

Me: “Only when I’m the one driving it.”

Dude: …

Dude: “It’s funny because it’s true.”