Cool Tech, Bad Reason

Flying to Florida with no notice because your youngest was rushed to the hospital is not the best situation, but pretty cool to pull over, fire up the hotspot on my  phone, turn on my laptop and book a flight. Took all of about 7 minutes, start to finish. Not thrilled in any way about the trip — but the technology is cool.

Not Cool

Littlest may need surgery in Pensacola. No flights until tomorrow and cost $500+. No busses until tomorrow and takes 30 hours to get there. Closest Amtrak station to Pensacola is New Orleans. Rental car will cost $450-ish to drive one way. Does anyone have a helicopter by chance, or have happened to invented teleportation? I guess I’m jumping in my car and driving the 12 hours each way.

UPDATE: I got a flight for tomorrow morning for just $250 but it’s connects through Miami.