Danger Monkey Speaks

We call the boy Danger Monkey. Because… it just fits. And he loves it.

DM (age 3 1/2): “When I’m grown up, I will live with someone else who does not have a baby.”

[Editor: Yeah, I hear ya, buddy. I hear ya.]

DM (age 3 1/2): “Things are different now that I’m halfway grown up.”

[Editor: Good luck with that.]


Father Up

I’ve been mad at my Dad for most of my life because of the mistakes he made. And he made plenty. Bad ones.

But now I just wish he was still alive so I could tell him that I’ve made my own mistakes. I finally know for myself how hard it is, and I have forgiven him, and it’s all just love and respect now.

Most days I think I’m a pretty good Dad. And — good or bad — I am who I am because of him. So my successes are his legacy. So… thank you, Dad, for everything.

Happy Fathers Day.