You had me at brownies

I’m at my desk with 1-month old LMT on my hip. She’s quietly watching me type (one-handed) and I”m enjoying her happy gurgles. I’m also really enjoying the smell of Danger Monkey’s birthday brownies baking for his party this afternoon. I’m pretty happy, actually. Life is good.


Die later… check.

So, at dinner MOG says, “I hope you die when I’m a lot older because I’ll be able to deal with it better.”

She scares me a little sometimes with how mature she can be about things. She’s so smart and has been through a lot already at age 8. Heart surgery, parents divorcing, grandparents dying, etc. She just seems to take it all in stride and keeps her head up. She’s amazing.

And, as for her request… that’s the plan, kiddo. That’s the plan.