Much Love

(at tuck-ins)

“I love you. You’re an amazing boy. You’re strong and fast and smart and funny and handsome and hard working. I couldn’t ask for a better son.”


“Now go to sleep immediately, or I will beat you with this Harry Potter book.”

“You’re weird.”

“Yes, thank you. Are you asleep yet?”


“You better not be faking. This book is really heavy.”

(much giggling)

“Good night, my boy.”

“Good night, Dad.”


(much tickling)

(much giggling)

(much love)

Serenity Now

My Oldest, age 15: “Since it’s after 11, it’s too late to watch a movie on Netflix.”

Me: “Really?”

Oldest: “So, instead… let’s watch the entire Firefly series… and the Firefly movie.”

Me: “I knew we were raising you right.”

Do A Little Dance

Wonderful Wife: “The boy is going to his first school dance tonight.”

Me: “Whoa! What? Should I have a talk with him? Yes, I need to talk to him. What if a girl asks him to dance? Does he know how to slow dance? Or fast dance? He’s growing up so fast. I’m not ready for him to have his first kiss or anything. This is too soon. So much we need to talk about.”

(deep breath)

Me: “Hey, Son…”

(boy runs up)

Me: “So, my boy. Are you excited about the dance?”

Danger Monkey, age 9: “No. I’m hoping me and the guys can have a pickup soccer game or something. Why, did you want to talk about something?”

Me: “Nah, we’re good. Have fun tonight.”