Little Miss Thing, age 4, out of the blue: “Did you know I’m also a paleontologist?”

Me: “No, I did not.”

LMT: “If I had a dinosaur, I would feed it food and water and name it Tushy-Butt.”

(much laughter)

Me: “Yep. You sound like a paleontologist all right.”

Thank you for your support

Me: “You should be in a sport. How about martial arts?”

My Oldest, age 13: “Sure.”

Me: “Not a very enthusiastic response. How about if we take a class together?”

Oldest: “Sure.”

Me: “Does that make it better or worse?”

Oldest: “Definitely worse. But I like to support your hobbies.”

Nice Accent

Little Miss Thing, age 4, walks into the room: “Hello, fellas. How was your day? Did you punch anybody or poop on their heads?”

Danger Monkey, age 7, in British accent: “Certainly not. Why would you ask such a thing?”

Seriously people. This is word for word. I couldn’t make this up.

Also, no idea he did such a good British accent. A father needs to know these things.