Write Stuff

Two big announcements today.

First, how you like those apples! I DOUBLED my ad income in July from June! This blog thing is GOING PLACES, JACK! At roughly $1.50/month, I’ll hit the $100 payout threshold in a very short 5 1/2 years! I’m drafting my work resignation letter as we speak. </sarcasm>


It is nice to see the ads creating at least a tiny bit of revenue. Still doesn’t quite offset the hosting fees, and maybe never will, but it’s something. Thanks to everyone for allowing me to monetize the site with ads. Hopefully they’re not too annoying.

Second, and this is real and huge to me — I have been asked to become a regular contributor on the Limestone Post magazine, with my own column. So, just like that, I guess you could call me a columnist. I’m drafting and editing the first “column” submission as we speak. Theoretically I’ll be contributing roughly every month or so. I will (of course) be announcing and linking each publication here on my blog so folks can see them.

This is a real turning point for me. I can’t express how long I’ve dreamed of being “a writer.” I’ve loved books and reading stories since I can remember. In 5th grade we had to write every day and I remember thinking it was frustrating and the words would never quite come out like I wanted. But the ideal, the dream, of being on the other side of the pages of a book, not the one reading along but the one creating and sharing those stories… pure heaven.

I took creative writing classes in college and loved it. I enjoyed that my writing seemed to actually connect with people, possibly even move them. It was fun. But then graduation sent me scurrying to not create joy as much as putting food on the table. And for 20 years I’ve been on that treadmill of paychecks and bills and paychecks and bills.

So it is no small matter to me that this blog and you wonderful folks, with your outpouring of love and support, have allowed me to achieve a major, huge, dizzying milestone toward one of my longest and dearest dreams.

I’m a writer.



Me: “Hi. I need my suit cleaned and pressed today, please.”

Dry Cleaner Lady: “Sorry, can’t do it for today, hon. You have to get it in by 9 am for same day pickup, and even then you can’t pick it up until after 5.”

Me: “Oh, I didn’t realize.”

DCL: “Yah, sorry. See, it’s on the sign here and everything.” (points at sign)

Me: “Oh.”

DCL: “We really can’t make exceptions.”

Me: “Sure. Of course not.”

DCL: “Thanks for understanding.”

Me: “Of course. Really, I understand. Thank you for your time.”

(two steps toward door, turns back)

Me: “Just by chance, do you know of any other cleaners that could do it today? It’s for my Mom’s funeral tomorrow, so I have to find someone who can do it today.”

(long pause)

DCL: “We’ll have your suit ready for you by 3.”