Los Rancheros #3, Avon IN

Went to dinner tonight with My Oldest and her mother, before the big Meet the Teacher night. We chose Los Rancheros because it was close and fast and the food and service are usually very good. I’m happy to report they did not disappoint!

I used to come here a lot when I lived nearby, but I haven’t been here in several years. So, for old times sake, I ordered my favorite dish, the Burrito California Grande. As you may have guessed, it’s big and delicious. It comes stuffed with steak and chicken strips and veggies, then covered with a lovely cream sauce. It’s yummy and substantial, even for a fairly large viking.


Oh, and that big burrito also comes with a side of Frijoles Charros, a really tasty bean soup made with… you guessed it… charred beans. It also has a rich sauce with bacon and sometimes slices of hot dog. It’s just what the Viking ordered. Literally.


My Oldest ordered Chicken Fajitas (snore), but her Mother ordered Enchiladas Suizas. Four cheese enchiladas sounded odd to me, but then it came out to the table just covered in pork. Holy cow! Well, more like holy pig!


As you can see, the food is pretty solid here. Prices are very reasonable. And it came out fast and they kept our drinks full. What else can you ask for?

I totally recommend this place for solid, no nonsense Mexican at great prices. Tell them a viking sent you!

Los Rancheros #3 – Avon, IN



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