Viking Art Contest! Cash prize(s)!

*** EDIT: that email address is having problems. Please use ***

Please help me celebrate the launch of my blog with a colorful Viking Art contest!

Viking ship

I know many of you are creative and talented artists, and everyone knows of a few talented artists. And artists are always looking for a way to make money, right?

My blog needs more viking-themed art other than these old black and white public domain relics, so… let’s help each other out.


I will be accepting submissions of “Viking Art” through the end of August, 2016. Then I will choose my favorites and post them on the blog for voting. The first prize voting winner will receive $25 from me for the rights to use the winning image on my blog! Heck, I may also purchase other images as well, depending on what we get. Additionally, I will promote the remaining images and see if maybe we can’t sell them off to other folks.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. All submissions must be digital in nature and submitted as a web-ready digital file, but you can choose the file type, size, etc.
  2. To be part of the contest, all submissions must be received at before Sept 1, 2016. *** EDIT: that email address is having problems. Please use ***
  3. Artwork must be Viking related, though feel free to interpret that as you wish.
  4. To be displayed on this blog for voting or further commission work, all artwork must be PG-13 or less. Please – no excessive gore or nudity or overly sexualized images.

I can also say that since these are intended to be used on my blog,  I will personally give preference to images that look like me, whether they are truly my “likeness” or not. That might not affect the public voting for who wins the top prize… but it might.

Enter early and often!


THE FINE PRINT: It’s my blog and my reputation, so everything is my call. All decisions are mine alone and all decisions are final. I will try to keep this “contest” to be as “fair” as possible, but in the end this is part contest and part entertainment, and all on my space, so I have to manage that the best I can. If you have questions or concerns, just message me.

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