Picture Me This

A friend from high school sent me this photo the other day. It’s a portrait of me that he painted. A painting… of me.


I am just amazed at the likeness. I really love this.

But part of me says, who am I that I deserve to have my portrait painted? What an amazing thing. Priceless.

Thanks, Ted!

You can see more of Ted’s work on his page.

Viking Art Contest: The Voting

Hey, you! Time to vote!

I got a nice little sampling of very diverse Viking Art submissions, which I’ve posted below in no particular order.

Please take a little time to review and vote for your favorite in the comments section. One vote per person please. You have to choose just one. The winner will receive a $25 payment for the rights to use their image on this blog, and others may also be purchased as well.

Votes will be tabulated by Midnight October 21st, 2016, so please vote soon.

Good luck to all our contributors!



Submission #1, Anonymous:



Submission #2, Very Vocal Viking by Lauren Hack:



Submission #3, Odin All Father by Eric Vernor:



Submission #4, Nordic Tree of Life by Eric Vernor:



Submission #5, The Vocal Viking by Patrick Handlon: