Snooze to Me

(settling into bed)

Me: “Sorry it took me a bit to get to bed tonight. Good night, dear. Sleep tight.”

(long pause)

Wonderful Wife: “What are you doing?”

Me: “Letting you go to sleep. You’ve  been saying all night how tired you are. So, let’s go right to sleep.”

(long pause)

WW: “Dont forget the seven.”

Me: “Huh? The seven what?”

WW: “Seven… Eleven.”

Me: “OK. What about it?”


WW: “What about what?”

Me: “You said don’t forget the Seven Eleven.”

WW: “I may be… hallucinating.”

Me: “I think you’re just falling…”

WW: (soft snoring)

Me: “… asleep.”

(soft kiss on forehead)

Me: “Goodnight, Sweetie.”


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