Nothing But The Booth

(at small town festival, spot a Viking booth)

Me: “Oh, hey! I know The Asatru Community. I follow you guys on Facebook. I didn’t know you did info booths at events.”

Booth Guy: “This is our first one. We’re trying to let people know that we’re an international organization but we have lots of regional groups that hold events.”

Me: “That’s awesome! I love all the chatter from people all over the world about what it means to them to be Viking. In fact, I just got a cool tattoo…” (obligatory tattoo show)

Booth Folks: (obligatory oohs and ahhs)

Booth Guy: “So do you attend events?”

Me: “No, I’m not what you’d call a practicing Viking. Mostly I just make Viking references and I have a blog called Very Vocal Viking, but it’s mostly just crazy stuff my kids say.”

BG: “That sounds cool.  I’d read that.”

Me: “Yeah, and lately a lot of strangers have started just telling me flat out that they think I look like a Viking.”

BG: “Yeah, when I first saw you across the way, I said – that guy’s definitely a Viking.”

Me: “I guess I just have that look.”

BG: “You really do.”


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