A Little Forced

Danger Monkey, age 9: “Hey, did you know I can use The Force?”

Little Miss Thing, age 7: “You can? Really?”

DM: “Yeah, watch.” (licks his palm and starts moving it toward her face)

LMT: “Aaaagh!!!” (runs away)

DM: (chuckles) “I told you!”

… moments later …

DM: “Hey, Dad. Did you know I can use The Force?”

Me: “Sorry, doesn’t work on Dads.”

DM: (licks both palms, moves toward my face) “Look… I’m using The Force!”

Me: (blank stare)

DM: (touches my face with spit hands) “But… you didn’t move.”

Me: “I told you. I’ve wiped your butt, which is much worse. Also, I had a little brother, so I’m immune to most sibling torture methods.”

DM: (slow blink)

DM: “Hey, Mom…”


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