Best School Ever


Nice School Lady: “Front office, how may I help you?”

Me: “Hello, this is Troy Maynard. I need to pick up my kids from school today instead of them riding the bus like they…:

NSL: “OK, car riders today. Anything else?”

Me: “Yes, can you please remind him to bring his…”

NSL: “Cello! Of course. We remind all our strings kids to take their instruments home on Fridays. Anything else?”

Me: (slow blink)

Me: “You know, I didn’t even say their names yet.”

NSL: “We know who they are.”

Me: “Uh… is that a good thing?”

NSL: (laugh) “Yes, they’re great kids. It’s just a small school. We know everyone.”

Me: “OK, thanks. Just checking.”

Best. School. EVAR.


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