Happy B-Day to Me!

First birthday present for this year.

My Oldest, age 15, took it upon herself to commission a Ren Faire blacksmith to make me a black iron Thor’s Hammer pendant with an extra long cord “so it can hang below my beard.”


As a bonus, I noticed this picture has a heart-shaped grease stain from the turkey leg I ate at the Ren Faire this afternoon. BEST. VIKING DAD PICTURE. EVER.

This was all her idea. She also hand sewed a tiny cloth bag for storing the necklace, with a ribbon tied cinch closure and everything. All her idea, all paid with her babysitting money.

I joke around sometimes about getting emotional about cool things my kids do, and usually I’m mostly kidding. Somewhat true, and I’m proud of my kids. But usually I’m joking when I say I’m getting tears in my eyes. But this time I am genuinely tearing up. I am truly touched by this gesture.

Folks, I’m a very lucky Viking Dad. For real.

Thanks kiddo, I’ll wear it with pride.


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