Happy B-Day to Me!

First birthday present for this year.

My Oldest, age 15, took it upon herself to commission a Ren Faire blacksmith to make me a black iron Thor’s Hammer pendant with an extra long cord “so it can hang below my beard.”


As a bonus, I noticed this picture has a heart-shaped grease stain from the turkey leg I ate at the Ren Faire this afternoon. BEST. VIKING DAD PICTURE. EVER.

This was all her idea. She also hand sewed a tiny cloth bag for storing the necklace, with a ribbon tied cinch closure and everything. All her idea, all paid with her babysitting money.

I joke around sometimes about getting emotional about cool things my kids do, and usually I’m mostly kidding. Somewhat true, and I’m proud of my kids. But usually I’m joking when I say I’m getting tears in my eyes. But this time I am genuinely tearing up. I am truly touched by this gesture.

Folks, I’m a very lucky Viking Dad. For real.

Thanks kiddo, I’ll wear it with pride.


Paying the Price

Attention! 13th birthday sleepover commencing with road trip to Dr Who warehouse. But first, lunch at Qdoba with four sugar-hyped 13 year old girls.

NOTE: When chaperoning 13 year old girls, do not ever… EVER… say the phrase “Let it go” unless you want 20 minutes of loud, high pitched singing of Frozen tunes.

Please send whiskey.