A Real Treet

This week we celebrated some big milestones. So, of course, we went to Jiffy Treet. I ordered the Turtle Sundae. I was not disappointed.


I really like Jiffy Treet. They have a very diverse menu, from the obvious ice creams (handmade and soft serve), but also some fairly delicious alternatives like frozen yogurt and “whip”. They even have a not-horrible sandwich menu. Obviously, an ice cream place isn’t expected to have big, hearty, and amazing sandwiches. But the food is actually more than passable.

I also like that they seem to be pretty good at staffing. The stores are always bustling with a group of 4-5 younger college-aged kids, which is often a recipe for disaster. But, at least in my experience, I have never had seen any negative or disruptive behavior. Quite the opposite. Their staff have always been fast, efficient, and super friendly. I have to believe they actually enjoy their jobs. So bravo to the owners and management. You either treat your staff really well, or have figured out how to get them all to pretend really well.


Steaks are Low


Early bird gets the steak. — at Bobby’s Colorado Steak House.

We’ve got this great locally owned steakhouse that just gets me, man. They have great steaks at great prices, plus a phenomenal salad bar that includes all the usual salad bar stuff plus several soups, fried biscuits and apple butter, even caviar.

But they also have Early Bird specials Monday through Thursday, 4pm to 6pm. Here you can see the 7 oz. Sirloin (Medium Rare, naturally). This bad boy plus the all-you-can-eat salad bar cost me a whopping $12.50.

And here’s where it gets crazy. The kids beg to go here because the kids meals are $6.75 and include the salad and an ice cream sundae. They literally beg to go here at least once a week.

And… wow… then it gets just off the charts amazing on Wednesdays. Kids eat free with adult meal purchase. I ate the steak pictured above, with a giant salad bar, and the two kids each got cheeseburgers and fries and salads and fruit and ice cream… and the bill was a ridiculous $20.15 after taxes.


That’s just crazy. I honestly don’t understand how there isn’t a line of people out the door all day every day at this place.

(No, I am not compensated in any way for this opinion. I have no relationship with Bobby’s other than they recognize us because we come in so often.)

Worth It

You know, you have a kid and, sure, it’s cool and circle of life blah blah. But they’re so much work, you know, with the feeding — EVERY DAY — and diapers and the sleepless nights and the scraped knees and, oh, let’s say… surprise heart surgery. And, sure, they look like you and that’s flattering, I guess, with the propagating of your genes and all. And sometimes they smile at you or do well in school and get awards and it’s nice. Yay. But then one day when they’re almost fifteen they disappear for an hour and then show up with hand made and delicious Thin Mint ice cream that they made entirely by themselves with real Thin Mints and they give you some before you even ask and suddenly it’s all been worth it.