Summer Planner

The boy just gave me his Summer 2017 To Do List: Play Pretend pirates in the woods with his older sister, play D&D as a family, invent his own game, and completely conquer Minecraft. Its a solid list.


I love that he’s a list maker like his mother. It will serve him well. List making and goal setting are incredibly powerful habits to form.

I love that he’s fearless. He has big goals. Invent a game? Completely conquer Minecraft? I’ve often said the worst thing you can do to a kid is to saddle them with low expectations for themselves. I mean, why would you ever tell a kid that he can’t achieve something? Let them aim high. I’m always amazed at how these kids see the world and assume they will conquer it. I grew up afraid, assuming there was no place for me at the table. I’m so glad and grateful to my Wonderful Wife for gifting our kids with high expectations. It’s such a huge advantage in life.

Most of all I love that half his list is things that he wants to do with his family. This young man is all about family. Even for a pre-teen who is starting to not want to sit with us at school events, and won’t let me hold his hand when we cross streets, he’s still super snuggly and loving. At home at least. I just love that about him. I can’t help but worry how long that will last. I fear it’s inevitable that he’ll start putting up those toxic macho BS walls. I know from personal experience that, as a boy of a certain age, when he shows affection, he’ll face scrutiny at best and open ridicule at worst. But, for now, he’s all love and affection.

Son, I hope your Summer 2017 lives up to your high expectations. You deserve nothing less.


Having a (Fire)Ball

Danger Monkey, age 10: “Please be quiet.”

Little Miss Thing, age 7: (loud singing)

DM: “Dad, I need to cast Mage Hand to put a magical hand over her mouth.”

Me: “Sorry, buddy. We’re not playing D&D. You’re stuck back there with your sister for the rest of this car ride. Can you maybe think of a better way to resolve this?”

DM: “Yes, but I’m not level 5 so I can’t cast fireball yet.”

LMT: “What…?”

Me: “What…?”

Goggles The Mind

Wonderful Wife: “How were your new goggles at the pool today?”

Danger Monkey, age 9: “They were great! Really cleared up my vision for close combat.”

Me: “Really.”

DM: “But it’s hard to swing a sword in the water, so blades will only do half damage.” (runs off)

WW: “He was at camp, right? Not the Crusades or something?”

Me: “We may be raising a gamer.”

WW: “Oh, you think?”