Well, Well, Well… I Fell Into Bell Hell

OK. So… last night I had a moment of weakness. Around 11pm I was driving home after some late errands (work ran way late) and I was hungry. I was 20 minutes from home and feeling pretty peckish. As I rounded a corner, my eyes lit up with a new, bright white light. The signs urged me forward, the smooth lines of the drive thru beckoned to me. Once I saw that sexy bell, all lit up and inviting, I knew I had to try it again.


I got Taco Bell.

I’m that idiot. Bad Viking.

I gotta say, though, it was fun and easy and tasty, just like I remembered. The menu board glowed with joy and promise, the colorful pictures looked so delicious. So worth it, right? I mean, look at me! Eating Taco Bell. I’m not a prisoner to some low carb jail sentence called Diabetes! I can eat cool fast food and get away with it. An occasional cheat is healthy, right? This is cool. This is OK.

I pulled over and ripped into a taco supreme. Yay! This is fun! Then another taco, and another.

And then, it hit me.


Once I settled into my indulgence, once the pre-conditioned joy of the splurge wore off, I could suddenly taste just how plain and tasteless it really was. The crunchy taco shells were… chewy. How does it get chewy? The taco “meat” was mealy and bland. Wait, do I actually love this stuff? Or do I love the *idea* of fast, fresh tacos? Because this wasn’t it.

I gave the 2nd half of it to the dogs. They loved it. But, you know, they eat poop, so not exactly the connoisseurs I need to emulate.

Whew. OK, that was a mistake but I’ve learned my lesson. By not eating all of it, I’ve avoided causing a real issue. Good job, buddy. A moment of weakness, yes, but crisis averted. All done. Back on track. Back to normal.

Then it hit my stomach.


I’ll just say that my system is clearly not used to fast food. Which is a good thing, but not a lovely evening.

OK. OK. Lesson learned. You got me. Thanks for the wisdom. Never again.

But wait… there’s more.

I woke up to this today. My glucose EXPLODED this morning after I woke up, before I even ate food.

This was NOT caused by my late breakfast of re-heated beef & broccoli.

I’ve been waking up to my glucose hovering around 120, starting to get even lower. Then when I eat breakfast it typically goes up to 140-ish, maybe 150.

Today I woke up to my glucose at 140, and it screamed up to 180 without even eating. WHAT. THE. HELL. That’s 30-40 points higher than normal and that’s BEFORE EATING.

And I’m feeling it. As I sit here typing, my head is spinning. I’m definitely light headed.

First, how the hell was I even functioning back two months ago when my glucose was 250-ish? Holy hell.

Second, never again with Taco Bell. This is horrible. I feel absolutely lousy. Totally not worth it. Never, never, never again.

Hopefully you all can learn from my poor choices. Maybe not? What food can you just not do?



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