Live your life. Take those risks. Do the thing. Fail. Fail again. Learn.

Tell your people how you feel. Leave no doubts.

Stretch. Leave your comfort zone.

Earn the reputation that you want. Be the author of your story.

Do all those great things for others, but mostly do them for yourself.

Read. My. Lips. You have less time than you think.

Do it. Do it now.


4 thoughts on “Live

  1. In my life that has been filled with turmoil and uncertainty, I often remind myself to keep pushing forward. As someone who couldn’t decide between medical school and publishing a novel, it’s easier to do neither.
    I tell myself that if I don’t think about it life is easier. If I don’t actively pursue them, the burning in my chest when I think of them will fade.
    It doesn’t, but I do.

  2. I want to build a windmill, and a water wheel, and harvest waste heat from a wood stove. Also, I would live in a movie theater 24/7 if that was a real option.

  3. I love the fantasy of buying up one of the many abandoned old theaters in small towns and living there, making the screen my “home theater”. I mean, think of the movie watching parties you could have…

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