Pet the Vet

Me: “You are smart, and strong, and working hard in school, and that means you can do and be whatever you want when you grow up.”

Little Miss Thing, age 7: “I’m going to be a veterinarian!”

Me: “Oh, good!”

LMT: “I’ll feed all the animals and pet them for about… probably two hours. Then I’ll go home and play with my friends.”

Me: “That sounds nice. I think you’ll make a good Vet. But you know, sometimes the animals are sick and need medicine, or even surgery.”

LMT: “Why?”

Me: “They get sick or hurt just like people do sometimes. And they need a Veterinarian to help them get better.”

(long pause)

LMT: “I’ll pay someone else to do that part.”

Me: “Sounds good.”


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