Expose Yourself

You know what? You’re beautiful. Yes, you. Yes, without makeup and a fancy outfit. Yes, without your hair done just right. Yes, before you lose the weight. You are beautiful. BEE. Yoo. Tee. Full.

So, yes… post those selfies.

It’s called FACE book for a reason. This is what the Internet is for. We’re your friends, family, well-wishers… we want to see what you look like and what you’re up to. So post it!

No, selfies are NOT some dangerous narcissistic anti-social horror that is ruining our culture. It’s fun. It’s living in the now. It’s sharing yourself. It’s natural and good.

You know what is damaging and ruining modern life? All the horrible shaming of self-love, and the bitter hatred that gets piled on us when we try to relax and just be ourselves and share ourselves. So don’t buy that line of crap. Fight it. Post selfies!

Now, with that said, selfies can be overdone. We don’t need 20 shots of various expressions in the same mirror all from last night.

But we do want to see YOU, and what you’re doing.

Post! Show! Share!

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