Worst EVAR

So we’ve walked on the moon, and the Internet puts all the world at our fingertips, and credit cards now have more on-board memory than my first computer did.

Yet, my printer won’t print a black and white document because it’s out of yellow ink?


You Can’t Be Siri-ous

Little Miss Thing, age 6: “I’m trying to play my game and the phone keeps asking me questions.”

Me: “Thats Siri. It’s a thing called an on-board AI program, which means that…”

LMT: “Siri, play Disney movies.”

Siri: “I have many options that fit that request.”

LMT: “Play Frozen.” (phone starts a Frozen short)

Me: “I guess you’re good.”

Karma Account: Empty

Just cashed in ALL my karma points.

Did you know sometimes an officer’s printer will jam and he can’t issue tickets?

Even if you accidentally let your plates expire?

I actually felt bad for the guy. He was not pleased.

Long story short, I just got really, REALLY lucky and will be visiting the BMV first thing tomorrow.