Camping with Bucks

Wonderful Wife: “Look at this summer camp. I went ahead and signed him up. It looks amazing.”

Me: “Wow. That does look amazing. I never got to do camps like that.”

Little Miss Thing, age 7: “Let’s get Daddy a camp. He seems jealous.”

Me: “I’m totally jealous. But let’s make sure we can afford your camps first. How much was that camp exactly?”

WW: “Oh, it can’t be that much.”

(reads website more closely)

WW: (suspicious silence)

Me: “Seriously. How much?”

WW: “I’m not saying.”

Me: …

WW: “Think of the memories they’ll be making.”

Me: “And we can remember when we used to have money.”


MOG loved GenCon so much she insisted on wearing her con badge to summer camp today to show off to the other kids. After our zombie LARP on Friday and walking the dealer floor in her hobbit costume, she did the Girl Scouts workshop on Saturday and got two badges for her vest. She says they played D&D at the Girl Scout workshop and she loved it.

Sniff, sniff… Geek Dad is so proud!