Dirty Food

Little Miss Thing, age 5: “My favorite food is peanut butter. I get to say pee and butt. See… PEE-nut BUTT-er.”

Me: “Yes, I’m very proud.”

Let it… Go?

The only thing more awesome than taking your five year old daughter into the men’s room at Disney, is her singing the whole time, really really loudly. And especially when she’s belting out a really loud rendition of Let It Go.

I can’t decide if I’m glad that it wasn’t her ‘Let It Poop’ remix.

Nice Accent

Little Miss Thing, age 4, walks into the room: “Hello, fellas. How was your day? Did you punch anybody or poop on their heads?”

Danger Monkey, age 7, in British accent: “Certainly not. Why would you ask such a thing?”

Seriously people. This is word for word. I couldn’t make this up.

Also, no idea he did such a good British accent. A father needs to know these things.