The Arrival

I have arrived!!!

Little Miss Thing is demanding back scratches and piggy back rides. So she’s mostly back to normal.

We’re mostly just waiting for some test results.The doctors are really happy with how she’s responded to the medicine, so no surgery. Probably released tomorrow. But someone is pretty grumpy about being in the hospital for 2 days of her Florida vacation.

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and suggestions and whatnot.

Killing me Softly

Me: “I hate going to bed sick.”

Wonderful Wife: “Here, have some NyQuil Severe.”

Me: (slurp)

Me: “Aaack! It burns so much going down! Did it finally happen? Did you just poison me for the insurance money?”

WW: “No. If I ever poison you, I’ll choose poison that makes you die quietly without complaining so much.”

Me: “Good to know.”