Well, Actually

Gas Station Cashier Dude: “Are you a LARPer?”

Me: “What? Me? Well, yes, actually I…”

Dude: “You look like a LARPER to me. Do you think LARP combat favors smaller people?”

Me: “Well, actually it does tend…”

Dude: “What are you, like 6’6″?”

Me: “6’4″ actually.”

Tiny high school girl in line behind me: “You seem a lot taller than 6’4″ to me.”

Dude: “Do you know martial arts?”

Girl: “Your hair makes you look taller.”

Me: “I need to go. Kids… car… leaving now…”

(awkward run-stumble to car, slam door behind me)

My Oldest, age 14: “Whats wrong?”

Me: “Remind me to never stop for gas in Martinsville. It’s an odd place.”



Me: “Put down the foam sword and get in the car. We’re almost late for your skate party.”

Danger Monkey, age 9: (surprised stare) “But, why?”

Me: “No weapons allowed at a skating rink.”

DM: “Then I should probably take the dagger out of my pocket, too.”

#SoftFoamWeapons #LARPLife