Can’t Even See it From Here

Me: “I should get you a t-shirt that says ‘I  ❤ Haters’.”

My Oldest, Age 14: “The word ‘Haters’ isn’t cool anymore, Dad.”

Me: “So you think I’m out of the loop?”

Oldest: “Look… you’re over forty and still on Facebook, Dad. You can’t even see the loop from where you are.”

Me: (long pause) “Yeah, OK, that’s valid.”

Haters Gonna Hate

It just occurred to me that all the haters that make fun of gamers, surely all spend as much time talking about sports and/or watching TV as we spend playing games. Hey, at least games are good for your brain. I mean, it’s not like the Jocks of the world are curing Cancer while we’re all at GenCon or anything.