Not cool

Me: “How was gymnastics?”

Little Miss Thing, age 5: “I’m really good at it. And they make us do blah blah blah. You know how it goes.” (runs off to play)

Me: “I feel like blah blah blah means I’m not cool enough for that level of detail.”

Wonderful Wife: “Me neither. I got the same version. Maybe some day we’ll be cool enough.”

Me: “Probably not.”

What were you thinking

A brief treatise on the thought processes behind morning snuggles.

The Adults: “How nice. Warm soft snuggles.”

The Teenage daughter: “How nice. Warm soft snuggles.”

The Nine Year Old Son: “How nice. Warm soft snuggles.”

The Five year old daughter: “Oh, look. Four people calmly snuggling. I will stand on them and do gymnastics.”