Where Does It Go?

Me: “Dinner time, kids!”

Danger Monkey, age 9: “Good, I’m really hungry!”

DM: (noisily devours two plates of food)

DM: “I drank all my milk, now can I have a glass of cider?”

Me: “You just ate your body weight in food. You literally ate more than I did. Where could you possibly put a glass of cider?”

DM: “It will pour into the cracks between the food.”

DM: (chugs large glass of cider)

DM: “Can I have some Halloween candy?”

Me: (wide eyed stare)

Me: “Sure, but not too much, OK?”

DM: “Yay!” (runs off)

Me: “He may be going through a growth spurt.”

Wonderful Wife: “Oh, do you think?”


Made lunch for me and the kids. From what we had on hand, I decided on ham and swiss on whole wheat, clementines, kettle chips and apple cider. I asked the kids what they wanted on their ham sandwiches.

Little Miss Thing went with plain. I chose mayo and brown mustard.

Danger Monkey wanted to try something “wacky,” so he dressed his with pepperoni and ketchup. Yep… ham, swiss cheese, pepperoni slices and ketchup.

And he loved it. Practically licked his plate.

The way he’s been eating lately, I suspect he’s going to grow an inch overnight.