In positive news, today I moved from “enjoying yoga” to “craving yoga every day.”

I strongly suspected for years that I would enjoy yoga, and now I really wish I would have looked into it many years ago.

I encourage everyone to make an effort to try yoga sooner than later – and really all those other things you’ve promised yourself you’d try “someday.”

Viking Yoga: It Begins

I’ve been looking for a good intro yoga series, so I tried Yoga with Adriene today.

I did Day 1 – Ease Into It and it nearly killed me.

To be clear, I followed along the first maybe 18 minutes of the 35 min video. I physically couldn’t do about half the poses, but I got as close as I could. After maybe 8 minutes I was out of breath (planking is hard at 400lb.)

It was ugly… really ugly.

But it’s a start.

Maybe I’ll try an easier one, like her Complete Beginners video.