Soured Cream

Me: “OK, kids. Lets have a little learning experience. I’ll give you a choice. We can all get milkshakes here at the restaurant and pay $20, or we can buy two big things of ice cream at a grocery store on the way home for $10 and eat ice cream every night all week.”

Danger Monkey, age 10: “I vote for milkshakes here.”

Me: “Really? You’re usually the one who prefers getting a bargain.”

DM: “It’s not a bargain when I think you’ll eat all the ice cream at home.”

Me: (glaring)

My Oldest, age 16: “So, Dad, how are you enjoying your learning experience?”

Me: (glaring intensifies)

Camping with Bucks

Wonderful Wife: “Look at this summer camp. I went ahead and signed him up. It looks amazing.”

Me: “Wow. That does look amazing. I never got to do camps like that.”

Little Miss Thing, age 7: “Let’s get Daddy a camp. He seems jealous.”

Me: “I’m totally jealous. But let’s make sure we can afford your camps first. How much was that camp exactly?”

WW: “Oh, it can’t be that much.”

(reads website more closely)

WW: (suspicious silence)

Me: “Seriously. How much?”

WW: “I’m not saying.”

Me: …

WW: “Think of the memories they’ll be making.”

Me: “And we can remember when we used to have money.”

Balance and Budget

I just really enjoyed Daddy-daughter time with MOG (My Oldest Girl) last night. We did our typical dinner out then Half Price Books. She’s figured out that I will always buy her books. But lately I’ve given her a $10 limit each time. She’s getting really good at balancing price vs. value to stay within her budget. It’s cool to watch. Of course, a better financial lesson might be to not go out to eat every week. Oh, well. Baby steps.