Parallel Bunnies

Our family, as rabbits in a parallel universe.



Crazy Hair Day

Me: “Is everyone ready for the bus? Oh my goodness, why is your hair so messy?”

Little Miss Thing, age 6: “It’s Crazy Hair Day at school today.”

Me: “Cool. Maybe I’ll do that for work today, too.”

LMT: “Every day is Crazy Hair and Crazy Beard Day for you.”

Me: (slow blink)

[I mean… she’s not wrong.]

Cool Cool

(at Indy Pop Con)

Young Woman: “Excuse me, sir?”

Me: “Yes?”

YW: “You’re a volunteer, right? Do you know where (some celebrity I’ve never heard of) is signing autographs?”

Me: “Uhhh… no, actually, sorry. Most celebrity booths are over in that area, though. You might try over there.”

YW: “OK, thanks.”

Me: “Is there anything else?”

YW: “I like your beard.”

Me: “Thank you. I like it, too.”

YW: “Cool.”

Me: “Cool.”