La Banda

Yummy! La Banda, a new Mexican place opened at IN-37 and Southport Rd in Greenwood. The food was very yummy and the service is great.



While in Columbus, OH for a convention, of course I tried the Hyatt Regency’s lobby restaurant.

I was very surprised that, thanks to an exchange program for culinary students at a nearby cooking school, the Hyatt offers their own versions of several Filipino dishes. The one I tried is called “Sisig”. In this case, it’s made with slow-roasted pork in a hoisin-soy glaze, served over brown rice, with a fried egg on top and roasted corn on the side. It was delicious and complex and a delightful departure from the typical American fare you usually find in hotel restaurants.

And, no, you don’t want to know which parts of the pig they use in the original version back in the Philippines.