Out of Work

Me: “Well, after a long day of hard work restoring my laptop, at least I can maybe be productive for the last hour of the workday.”

(phone rings)

Me: “Hello?”

Phone: “Hi, this is the school. Little Miss Thing and five of her friends stayed after for Girl Scouts, but there is no Girl Scouts meeting tonight. Can you please come get her?”

Me: …

Stay Calm and Ask Mom

(setting up workstation)

Me: “Oh, CRAP.”

Wonderful Wife: “What’s wrong dear?”


WW: “Is there a problem?”

Me: “I have to setup my work PC so I can work from here but I can’t connect to wi-fi and my laptop isn’t’ connecting because wi-fi says Limited and I have to figure this out or I’ll have to drive home or something but the wi-fi is too weak so maybe I’ll setup on the back porch or maybe I have to go find a Starbucks but that really messes up my plans and this is just not working out and I think I’m going to lose my…”

WW: “OR… use the hard wired internet connection right here with this LAN cable hanging out of it.”

Me: (slow blink)

Me: “That could work.”