That Dude

I’m at a mall to pick up my daughter.

The mall is filled with teenagers.

All the stores are staffed by teenagers, except their managers, who are college kids. The security guard is maybe 25.

I hate all the stores and the music and the layout. Who designed this parking lot, Stevie Wonder?

I am the only one here that has heard of Stevie Wonder.


I’m totally That Old Dude At The Mall.

I never wanted to be that dude.

I always hated that dude

Sip It Good

Adulthood is being at your kid’s school function, and having a coughing fit, and needing a drink really really badly, but choosing to give the last can of Sprite to a little girl who loudly tells her Mom she LOVES SPRITE SO MUCH. And then watching her take one sip and throw it away.