Wonderful Wife: “Don’t just write congratulations on the wedding card.”

My Oldest, age 16: “Why not?”

WW: “You only wish the groom congratulations because he got a beautiful bride. You tell the bride best wishes.”

Me: “You should always tell the groom ‘Nice Going, Dude’ and tell the bride ‘Good Luck Because You’re Going to Need It, Sister’.”

Oldest: “What?”

WW: “Here’s a good rule: Never take advice from your father.”

Oldest: “That sounds about right.”

Me: “Yeah, that’s actually solid advice.”


Gen Con Weddings!

Hey folks! I’m doing a thing!

To help celebrate the 50th year of everyone’s favorite giant gaming convention, the Very Vocal Viking will be performing Weddings and Vow Renewals at Gen Con this year! There are individual ceremonies offers and I’ll be doing a very big and very fun mass wedding/vow renewal in the Union Station Grand Hall right before the Saturday night dance. Check out the link to read more about all the fun.

Very Vocal Viking presents: Gen Con 50 Weddings and Vow Renewals

Most of it will just be for fun, and I may possibly be dressed as a Viking, maybe even Hagrid. But, since I’m a licensed officiant in Indiana, I could possibly even have an actual wedding or two! You never know. Gen Con is a magical place.