Cool Cool

(at Indy Pop Con)

Young Woman: “Excuse me, sir?”

Me: “Yes?”

YW: “You’re a volunteer, right? Do you know where (some celebrity I’ve never heard of) is signing autographs?”

Me: “Uhhh… no, actually, sorry. Most celebrity booths are over in that area, though. You might try over there.”

YW: “OK, thanks.”

Me: “Is there anything else?”

YW: “I like your beard.”

Me: “Thank you. I like it, too.”

YW: “Cool.”

Me: “Cool.”

All done

I feel I have worked enough for one lifetime. I would now like to retire and live out my days in relative quiet. Maybe write a novel or that zombie screenplay I’ve been trying to get onto paper. Mainly just sleep in and volunteer at community stuff and whatever school or events my kids are currently into. Anyone have a spare $1M? I promise to be incredibly grateful.