Quiet Skills

Danger Monkey, age 10: “Jump left, Dad!”

Me: “Son…”

DM: “Go over that rock!”

Me: “Son…”

DM: “Get the box!”

(pauses game)

Me: “OK, Son. Let’s talk about the correct amount of help to offer someone when they’re playing a video game.”

DM: “You don’t want help?”

Me: “How about you work on the skill of NOT shouting out every single thing you want to shout.”

DM: …

DM: “I don’t think I’ve spent many skill points in that area.”


You can complain about Pokemon Go if you want, but consider that I just walked four extra blocks in 90-deg heat to get five extra PokeStops. I don’t know of many other systems or programs that would ever get me to do that.

I didn’t solve my weight issues or world hunger today, but it made a difference.

Also, on that walk I caught four different Pokemon that I had never caught before, which is cool.


Little Miss Thing, age 6: “Stop hurting those animals!”

Me: “It’s just a video game, sweetie. Just pictures on a screen. I mean, it’s a blue skinned High Elf shooting giant rats with magic fireballs. Clearly this is not real life.”

LMT: “Aaaah! Stop, Drop and Roll, little guys!”

Me: “You’re taking a lot of the fun out of this.”

LMT: “Good.”