Chat Me: Gaming with Scott

I was interviewed at Starbase Indy by the famous local podcast, Gaming with Scott!

Tune in and enjoy my thoughts on parenting styles, racism, vegetarianism, passion and honesty, why horns don’t belong on viking helmets, and getting exposure as a writer and new author.

Very Vocal Viking on Gaming with Scott

(34 minutes, a little language)


Veggie Brief

Little Miss Thing, age 7: “Mom, why are you a vegetarian?”

Wonderful Wife: “It’s a long story.”

LMT: “Tell me the whole thing.”

WW: “I don’t like the taste of meat.”

LMT: “That wasn’t a long story. That was only one sentence.”

WW: “It’s the short version.”


(Chinese restaurant)

Boy at next table: “Don’t order tripe! It’s intestines from an animal!”

Older sister: “They clean it first. It doesn’t taste bad or anything.”

Boy: “But it came out of an animal.”

Sis: “It was dead. It didn’t care.”

Boy: “No one asked it first!”

Calm Mom: “Let’s talk about tofu options for you.”