Exercise Tip #322

Be very careful when choosing your exercise routine. I just did 1100 steps in a Super Target that cost me $225.

Limited Selection

Shopping in toy aisle at Target.

Me: “What are you thinking of giving your little sister for Xmas?”

My Oldest, age 13: “It’s hard. I like the idea of getting her one of these future career dress-up kits that are popular now, but there’s no kit for ‘World Domination’. I guess I’ll just go with veterinarian.”

That escalated quickly

My Oldest, age 13: “I’m thirsty.”

Me: “You’re dehydrated. You should drink more water.”

Oldest: “I WOULD drink more water but my school is run by water Nazis. And girls have to wear sleeves. God forbid we wear short shorts, but that’s all that Target sells. Seriously. Middle school is like Communist China but with homework.”