That’s Fair

(at the county fair)

Me: “OK, I told you we could see the rabbits before we go home. Here are the rabbits.”

Little Miss Thing, age 7: (squee) “They are so cute!”

Me: “Yes. Very cute.”

LMT: (incoherent giggly talking to rabbit noises)

LMT: “Daddy, do you think these rabbits are pettable?”

Me: “No, Honey. We can’t pet the rabbits.”

LMT: (pets rabbit)

LMT: “Nope. You were wrong.”



Having 2 ten year old girls in the car gives me the opportunity to overhear some very interesting conversations.

Girl1: “OK, you have 10 seconds to answer… If I died right now, what would you do?”

Girl2: “Of what?”

Girl1: “Huh?”

Girl2: “What did you die of?”

Girl1: “Nothing. I just fell over dead.”

Girl2: “I’d call 911 and then kick your dead body off of my foot.”

Girl1: “What? You hate me?”

Girl2: “No, but I don’t want a corpse on my foot. If you died right now, the way you’re sitting there, you’d totally slump over onto my foot.”

Girl1: “Oh. So, it’s not personal?”

Girl2: “Of course not! You’re my BFF!”

Girl1 & 2: SQUEEEEE

Girl1: “Epic.”

Girl2: “So Epic.”