Dirty Food

Little Miss Thing, age 5: “My favorite food is peanut butter. I get to say pee and butt. See… PEE-nut BUTT-er.”

Me: “Yes, I’m very proud.”


Geek Viking is Proud:

My boy, Danger Monkey (age 7), is enjoying learning D&D so much, he has decided to start wearing a blue cape everywhere so he can look more like his character. Seriously, ask him about his wizard. He gets so excited talking about it. I’m practically in tears.


Happy birthday to my youngest, who at age 3 is no longer a baby – which makes me a little sad. For those that haven’t met her, she is smart as a tack and more strong-willed than me and Wonderful Wife put together. She is also hilarious and disrespectful and loud and completely unfazed by social norms. She is awesome. Happy Birthday, Little Miss Thing!